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What is a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card?

The DigitalPurse Prepaid Card is a virtual card that can be loaded with cryptocurrency. Crypto is converted to USD the moment it's loaded to the card and funds are immediately available to spend everywhere Visa cards are accepted.
Restrictions Apply:

How do virtual cards work?

Virtual cards are just like regular cards, except there is no physical plastic. By entering virtual card details where you would normally input your credit or debit card details, you can complete purchases without giving out your personal card details.

Where can I shop/pay with DigitalPurse Prepaid Cards?

DigitalPurse enables you to shop/pay with your crypto everywhere Visa cards are accepted online, as well as some offline merchants that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. Some restrictions apply, please see the terms and conditions for details.

Do I have to apply for a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card?

No, there is no application process to create or use a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card.

How long is a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card valid?

DigitalPurse Prepaid Cards must be used within 3 years of creation.

What happens if I return an item?

If you return an item to a merchant, the purchase balance will be refunded to the card originally used to make the purchase.

Are there any restrictions when using a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card?

Some types of purchases are restricted. See the list of restricted merchant categories elsewhere in this FAQ.

What types of purchases are restricted?

You cannot use DigitalPurse Card for the following purchases: wires or money orders; direct marketing services; security brokers/dealers and associated activities; dating/escort services; massage services; betting, track, casino, or lotto; government-licensed online gambling, including casinos and online casinos (online gambling); horse/dog racing or other government licensed racing; non-sport internet gaming; internet gaming betting; cash disbursement, manual or automated; financial institution cash, automated or manual; and outbound telemarketing merchants and services. Additionally, DigitalPurse may restrict certain purchase types to prevent misuse of the services as set out in our terms and conditions.

Can I reload a card?

No, not at this time. If you're planning to use a card for a while, it's a good idea to pick one with a higher starting balance.

Can I transfer/withdraw a balance from my virtual card?

Once funds have been loaded to a card, those funds cannot be transferred or withdrawn.

Why did my purchase with a DigitalPurse Prepaid Card fail?

A failed purchase may be due to a few reasons: 1) You may not have enough balance on the virtual card to complete the purchase. 2) Some merchants are restricted due to the types of business they conduct. Please see our list of restricted merchant categories below in this FAQ.
If you believe your purchase should have been completed, please reach out to